How to Downsize your home & Right-Size your life!

How to Downsize your home & Right-Size your life!

What does downsizing your home mean to you?

Downsizing can feel like a complex puzzle, filled with numerous pieces and the challenge of figuring out the right order. What does downsizing mean to you? Life changes happen naturally. Maybe you’re an empty nester, a widow or widower, retired, or just slowing down a bit. Maybe the kids want you closer, or you’re simply done with all that extra home/lawn upkeep and unnecessary expenses. Or perhaps, you’ve got new hobbies, and you want to be closer to the action!  There can be a dozen other reasons, perhaps you need equity from your home to travel or simply that you’d like to splurge on your kids & your grandkids!  

With all these valid reasons to make a change, why do many seniors struggle with the idea?  Let’s take a moment to consider that the word downsizing itself may seem negative to you.  You may feel like leaving the house- that you’ve called home- for several years, even decades for some, is too much to bear.  The worry is that you will forget what it meant to you and why it was so special, that the memories will somehow be lost.
So to start, let’s think of this next step in your life not as downsizing but as RIGHT-SIZING!  Embracing a ‘right-sizing’ approach to life brings about unexpected benefits that are frequently underestimated. WHY RIGHT-SIZE?

Ease on Chores:

A smaller home often means less housework and overall property maintenance. Spending less time on upkeep gives you the flexibility for spontaneous vacations, outings, hobbies and visiting with friends and family.  If you are now living alone or just with your partner, ask yourself if your space still serves you, or is it simply too big?  For some, they are holding on to all those extra rooms in case the children come home to visit.  And that could be a valid reason but likely there could also be alternatives that may make more sense.

Strategic Location:

Right-sizing presents a unique opportunity to relocate to an area better aligned with your current and evolving lifestyle, whether it’s proximity to family, cultural activities, or recreational pursuits. Perhaps you envision spending less time in Canada altogether, in favour of warmer weather and palm trees.  It could be that you’d simply like a lakeside view or you now appreciate being able to walk to restaurants.  Of course, it could also be that you are in physical need of personal care and moving to an assisted living facility will provide peace of mind and companionship with other residents.

Tailored Floor Plan:

Your current home may have served different goals. A new, well-fitted floor plan ensures your home aligns with your current and future needs for optimal quality of life.  If you are struggling with stairs for example, a condo or bungalow may make life so much easier.  Maybe you need a wheelchair ramp or a no maintenance yard.  For some, it isn’t necessarily even a smaller home they are seeking but just a different one.

Boost Your Budget/ Diversify Your Investments:

Investing in a smaller space translates to reduced expenses. Trimming down on utilities, maintenance, repairs, insurance, and property taxes not only lightens the financial load but also unlocks additional funds for indulging in your retirement pursuits or spoiling your loved ones. While your home remains a significant asset, unlocking equity could provide newfound freedom to explore other avenues.  When was the last time you looked into how much your home is worth today?  The number may astound you.  For a free home evaluation, connect with me here

My thoughts:

I have personally noticed that the need to right-size one’s life now can happen much earlier than one would think.  Normally, we assume it is our senior citizens that need to ‘downsize’ their home and while that still is true, more and more individuals and couples in their 60’s are realizing that they don’t have to wait to make this change.  That perhaps, they need to evaluate their current lifestyle now.
If you are taking care of your elderly parents OR you are a senior yourself and want to explore the idea of right-sizing your life, I am happy to discuss potential options with you!  Please connect for a no-obligation and complimentary consultation. To attend my in-person seminar on right-sizing your home, get your free tickets here.
My team of industry professionals- who are mature market knowledgeable – include:  Packing and unpacking service providers, quality movers, handy people, housekeeping, legal, financial, nursing and aging in place specialists to name a few!
*If you are a senior, please feel free to join my Facebook group called How to Right-Size your Life with Grace:


Maple Syrup Festival, Halton, 2024

Maple Syrup Festival, Halton, 2024

We have attended a maple syrup festival every year since my 12 year old was born! It has totally become my family’s tradition and we definitely look forward to this outing each March! While we certainly haven’t tried them all, I’ll talk about my 2 favourite locations:

Bronte Creek Provincial Park
1219 Burloak Drive, Oakville
Daily Vehicle Permit: $18.00 / Senior Permit (65+): $14.50 / Disabled Permit: $9.00
March 3, 4, 9 through to 17, 23, 24, 29, 30, 31, 2024
9:30 AM to 3:00 PM


Embark on a captivating journey through Maple Lane with interpreters donned in 1890s attire, showcasing historical methods of collecting and crafting maple syrup. The tour concludes at the heart of Spruce Lane Farm, offering insights into the creation of fresh maple sugar and the chance to savor a delightful stick of maple taffy. Explore the family activity center, a haven for kids featuring entertaining games, and don’t overlook the living history museum, Spruce Lane Farmhouse, authentically recreating life from 1899.

Take a leisurely stroll through the various farm animals in the yard, then visit the Maple Gift Shop to peruse an array of maple products and souvenirs. Before leaving, be sure to secure a bottle of syrup to bring the delightful flavors home. And no Maple Syrup Festival is complete without indulging in a pancake meal! Board a wagon to the Pancake House, where you can relish fresh, hot pancakes and sausages drizzled with pure maple syrup.

2259 Milburough Line, Campbellville
Weekends, Holidays, and March Break, March 2, 2024 – April 7, 2024
9:30 AM to 5:00 PM


For over 150 years, the Mountsberg sugar bush has been weaving the enchantment of maple magic and educating the public for more than four decades. This spring, the park will tap approximately 300 sugar maples, and the pristine sap will undergo a magical transformation into delectable maple syrup within the Sugar Shanty.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of tree tapping, sap collection, and syrup making against the backdrop of our incredible Sugar Maples. Delve into the rich history of syrup making, indulge in samples of maple sugar and syrup, and treat your taste buds to the delightful experience of maple taffy on snow.

Savor a feast for the senses with fresh pancakes and delectable treats like maple cotton candy and popcorn by the fireside. Explore our NEW Sugar Ranger Challenge! Join Professor Sugar for a self-guided journey through the sugarbush, completing six engaging hands-on challenges to earn your official Sugar Ranger certificate.

Don’t miss the opportunity to shop for delicious maple treats at the Country Store, visit the animal barn and Raptor Centre, and let the little ones play to their heart’s content on the Natural Playground. Enhance your experience with a horse-drawn wagon ride, Talon and Tailfeathers, or partake in workshops such as candle making and maple sugar making. The wonders of Mountsberg’s sugar bush await!

Activity and Outing Ideas

Join my Facebook group, dedicated to Activity and Outing Ideas for Halton Kids.

Northern Heat Rib Series – Milton Ribfest 2023

Northern Heat Rib Series – Milton Ribfest 2023

Saturday, July 29, 2023 12:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Sunday, July 30, 2023 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Venue: Community Park )View on Google Maps)

Children 12 and under FREE

Event Details:
Northern Heat Rib Series is Canada’s largest Rib & Craft Beer Series. Visiting 15+ locations across Ontario over consecutive weekends from May to September, This stop in Milton brings with it a mixture of rib rigs, local food vendors, craft brewers and local musical talent to each event giving local and surrounding communities the opportunity to reconnect and enjoy unique venues across our Province.

Each event provides a unique experience by local partners in a ticketed viewing area. Visitors will enjoy food and live music at the event’s open tables. For more information, visit NORTHERN HEAT RIB SERIES

What’s going on for Canada Day for 2023

What’s going on for Canada Day for 2023


Venue: 2340 Ontario St
Date and Time: July 1st, 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Enjoy an evening of FREE performances and family fun at Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park.
Activities and food trucks will open at 6 pm with fireworks at 10 pm (weather permitting).


Venue: 79 Jones St.
Date and Time: July 1st, Noon to 11 pm.

Food Trucks: Zara’s by The Lake, Julia’s Authentic Italian, Cobs Bakery and Doras Ice Cream Truck.

  • 12:30 pm – Fiddlestix
  • DJ Rick
  • 6:30 pm – The Radio with Mel as Elvis
  • *Kid activities


Venue: 1400 Lakeshore Rd
Date and Time: July 1st, 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM

  • Yoga in the Park in the morning
  • Canada Day Run, 1k and 5k (you need to register online)
  • Live entertainment from the stage begins at 4 p.m.
  • Food and marketplace vendors
  • Fireworks at 10 p.m.
  • Brant Street activities from 12 pm-3 pm


Venue: 136 Robert St.
Date and Time: July 1st, 2:00PM – 10:30pm

  • Lawn games, Inflatables, Face Painting, Mascots
  • Beer Tent, Live entertainment, Food Vendors
  • Fireworks

See the full schedule here:


Venue: 300 City Centre Dr
Date and Time: July 1st, 4 pm to 10:30 pm

4:00 pm: SaugaLive Stage
4:30 pm: Official Ceremony
5:30 pm: Aqyila
6:30 pm: MICO
7:45 pm: Jamie Fine
9:00 pm: Faouzia
10:05 pm: Fireworks

Strawberry picking at Andrews Farm Market

Strawberry picking at Andrews Farm Market

Strawberry picking has started in many places… Here is a fun place to go – Andrews Farm Market (formerly called Andrews Scenic Acres).
Andrews Scenic Acres ducks These pictures were taken in 2020 as I haven’t had a chance to go this year yet but my kids LOVE this farm.
Andrews Scenic playground
There are old school climbers, tire swings, slides, hay bale mazes, sand pit (bring your own sand toys), goats, ducks, chickens to feed, wagon rides and walking trails. Lots of shady places to sit & picnic and bathrooms!
Check out their website for hours, admission and more details!