How to Downsize your home & Right-Size your life!

How to Downsize your home & Right-Size your life!

What does downsizing your home mean to you?

Downsizing can feel like a complex puzzle, filled with numerous pieces and the challenge of figuring out the right order. What does downsizing mean to you? Life changes happen naturally. Maybe you’re an empty nester, a widow or widower, retired, or just slowing down a bit. Maybe the kids want you closer, or you’re simply done with all that extra home/lawn upkeep and unnecessary expenses. Or perhaps, you’ve got new hobbies, and you want to be closer to the action!  There can be a dozen other reasons, perhaps you need equity from your home to travel or simply that you’d like to splurge on your kids & your grandkids!  

With all these valid reasons to make a change, why do many seniors struggle with the idea?  Let’s take a moment to consider that the word downsizing itself may seem negative to you.  You may feel like leaving the house- that you’ve called home- for several years, even decades for some, is too much to bear.  The worry is that you will forget what it meant to you and why it was so special, that the memories will somehow be lost.
So to start, let’s think of this next step in your life not as downsizing but as RIGHT-SIZING!  Embracing a ‘right-sizing’ approach to life brings about unexpected benefits that are frequently underestimated. WHY RIGHT-SIZE?

Ease on Chores:

A smaller home often means less housework and overall property maintenance. Spending less time on upkeep gives you the flexibility for spontaneous vacations, outings, hobbies and visiting with friends and family.  If you are now living alone or just with your partner, ask yourself if your space still serves you, or is it simply too big?  For some, they are holding on to all those extra rooms in case the children come home to visit.  And that could be a valid reason but likely there could also be alternatives that may make more sense.

Strategic Location:

Right-sizing presents a unique opportunity to relocate to an area better aligned with your current and evolving lifestyle, whether it’s proximity to family, cultural activities, or recreational pursuits. Perhaps you envision spending less time in Canada altogether, in favour of warmer weather and palm trees.  It could be that you’d simply like a lakeside view or you now appreciate being able to walk to restaurants.  Of course, it could also be that you are in physical need of personal care and moving to an assisted living facility will provide peace of mind and companionship with other residents.

Tailored Floor Plan:

Your current home may have served different goals. A new, well-fitted floor plan ensures your home aligns with your current and future needs for optimal quality of life.  If you are struggling with stairs for example, a condo or bungalow may make life so much easier.  Maybe you need a wheelchair ramp or a no maintenance yard.  For some, it isn’t necessarily even a smaller home they are seeking but just a different one.

Boost Your Budget/ Diversify Your Investments:

Investing in a smaller space translates to reduced expenses. Trimming down on utilities, maintenance, repairs, insurance, and property taxes not only lightens the financial load but also unlocks additional funds for indulging in your retirement pursuits or spoiling your loved ones. While your home remains a significant asset, unlocking equity could provide newfound freedom to explore other avenues.  When was the last time you looked into how much your home is worth today?  The number may astound you.  For a free home evaluation, connect with me here

My thoughts:

I have personally noticed that the need to right-size one’s life now can happen much earlier than one would think.  Normally, we assume it is our senior citizens that need to ‘downsize’ their home and while that still is true, more and more individuals and couples in their 60’s are realizing that they don’t have to wait to make this change.  That perhaps, they need to evaluate their current lifestyle now.
If you are taking care of your elderly parents OR you are a senior yourself and want to explore the idea of right-sizing your life, I am happy to discuss potential options with you!  Please connect for a no-obligation and complimentary consultation. To attend my in-person seminar on right-sizing your home, get your free tickets here.
My team of industry professionals- who are mature market knowledgeable – include:  Packing and unpacking service providers, quality movers, handy people, housekeeping, legal, financial, nursing and aging in place specialists to name a few!
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Home selling tip 101: Professional home cleaner is a must!

Home selling tip 101: Professional home cleaner is a must!

Prior to listing a home, having it cleaned is crucial for photographs and ultimately a buyer’s first impression when you are trying to sell and we will call this my Home Selling Tip 101!  Ever look around your home and think wow, this place is pretty dirty?  I’d say the chances are pretty good!  Maybe on a normal day, it doesn’t matter too much.  If you are trying to market your home to sell, however, a spotless home is a critical real estate tip that should not be overlooked!

I have noticed a need amongst many busy families for some help in keeping their home clean. Everyone is just so busy these days, whether they are working from home or at the office. The daily grind is really taxing and between commuting, dropping the little ones off at daycare, or taking older kids to their extracurricular activities (amongst a thousand other things), finding that additional time to clean a washroom or dust your built-ins is just that much more challenging.

I often have to hire home cleaners to help my clients get their homes prepared to go to market.  It doesn’t matter if the house is in Oakville, Burlington, Milton or somewhere else in Halton – the need for a clean home unites us! This deep clean before listing a house for sale is critical because buyers formulate their opinion of a home very quickly. First impressions matter and since the photos of your home is what is seen first, I make sure the area is spotless before I proceed with the photography and video tours.

When a buyer walks up to the front door, the glass cannot be grimy!  The exterior lights should sparkle and once they walk inside, a buyer will quickly decide whether they like what they see.  A bunch of dust bunnies, cobwebs in corners or grimy appliances may leave a negative impression. There are many places in your home that are overlooked during regular daily life but when you are trying to sell your home, you need to look at every nook and cranny and make sure that everything is polished and as clean as possible.

I have come to know Dominique, from Lavender and Pine very well over the years as I have helped her and her family buy and sell their home more than once.  She’s a wonderful, caring person with a very generous spirit. When she told me that she planned on opening her own cleaning business, I immediately started thinking of ways in which I could support her.

Lavender and Pine is a small business servicing Binbrook, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Hamilton, Waterdown, Burlington and Oakville. Services include regular and deeper cleans, moving in and out cleans, pre-list cleans, Airbnb and commercial cleans. Dominique’s hard-working nature is evident when she cleans homes. There is a genuine desire to please the homeowner and make sure that her work is going above and beyond their expectations.  Her goal is to turn your home into a relaxing, tidy and spotless sanctuary and allow you to keep your free time free!

If you looking for some help to keep your home clean as a whistle, check Lavender and Pine out here.  I believe in her work so much so that I have created a promotion with Dominique to thank our mutual clients!